Release Date: June 26th

Coming Soon:

Acrobatic Romance

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Produced by: Kiyoto, Ocean Beatz, ThatKidGoran

"I'm just always looking forwards. I spend very little time, looking backwards."-Gary Vaynerchuk  


7 Pleasant Sins is my debut album. It features music and lyrics from artists T. Ka$h, Jokwin, Chase Leblanc, and Breana Marin. It was produced by B. Young, False Ego, Yondo Music, and Xavior Jordan Beats. I have spent the last year working on this album and in the process, improving my skill as a rapper. The album's name was inspired by the concept of the 7 Deadly Sins. Each song has a certain message and was inspired by different experiences in my life. Fool's Gold, which is featured on the album, was my first hit song and I work to get better each track. I experimented with different types of beats and flows, attempting to find the right sounds for this album. I plan to release more music soon, with only the future in my sights.


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